Introducing Treblle: a powerful tool to empower a complex and confusing API landscape with seamless clarity

Founded in 2020 by Vedran Cindric and Darko Blazevic, Treblle is an easy-to-use platform that empowers developers and companies alike, saving time and money from start to finish across the API lifecycle. Through Treblle, users can leverage real-time monitoring & logging, auto generated docs with OpenAPI support, and quality ranked API analytics to name just a few aspects of their product offering.

Using simple SDKs across a multitude of languages such as PHP, NodeJS, .NET, Ruby, and Laravel. Treblle can be effortlessly added to any API. And with a footprint now marked by over two million API requests across more than 400 diverse API endpoints, Treblle is set to pioneer the next era in digital transformation.

What we liked about Treblle

Having abundant prior investment experience in the DevTool space, it was evidently clear to us how Treblle was adding much needed value to this outdated sector. Their developer centric strategy of automating manual tasks such as API documentation was particularly noteworthy as the resulting removal of these burdensome tasks from developer duties vastly increased their available time to work on more important tasks. Beyond this obvious yet significant increase in efficiency, we were also drawn to Treblle’s ease of use, transparency, and their process improvements that give it its full package offering.

Overall, Treblle’s potential to alter the existing API landscape render it an incredibly powerful DevTool whose market momentum serves as proof of our ongoing pride in having partnered up with such an amazing group of talented people.

What we liked about Vedran

It’s one thing to have a great business idea, but it takes a quality team of people to execute it. This is even truer in the start-up world. Which is why Vedran’s dynamic leadership and innovative vision made such an impact on us back in 2021. Competent, experienced, and committed to reshaping the API landscape, it came as no surprise that our entire team wanted to get behind these two driven entrepreneurs.

What Treblle thinks about us

When asked to comment on his thoughts towards Nauta, Co-founder and CEO Vedran Cindric had this to say:

"With immense gratitude, we commend Nauta team – from insightful discussions that shaped our strategies to taking a transformative leap of faith by letting us pitch to entire Nauta, their steady support has propelled us forward in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Thank you for being an integral part of our ascent."

What the industry thinks about Treblle

Treblle’s position as a pioneer in the API world has already been firmly secured. Having reached the ten thousand user milestone back in August 2022, they are on track to becoming one of the hottest topics in the industry.

Referred to as a “Balkan Soonicorn” by Sifted magazine in Nov 2022. Treblle’s ascent seems inevitable. A fact further shown by their successful closing of 2022 with a fresh $7 million raise in capital. A significant increase from their initial $1.3 million round of funding led by Nauta back in 2021.