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At Nauta, we place just as much emphasis on who you are and where you come from as we do on your academic and professional experience. Diversity is an integral part of our ethos because we understand how important different perspectives are to doing good business. This is truer than ever for a pan-European firm with as broad a geographic scope as we possess here at Nauta.

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diversity and inclusion

To ensure we remain trusted benchmarks of success in this ever-changing world, we need to leverage as many different perspectives as possible in our day-to-day.

We strongly believe that diverse backgrounds and life experiences within our team is key to being a successful VC firm. We are proud of our multicultural group of 20+ talented professionals who come from across the globe. We have biologists, computer scientists, economists, physicists, and mathematicians in our team, but still feel that we can improve our diversity footprint further. Therefore, we particularly encourage applications from underrepresented groups throughout the venture capital industry.