Introducing Loyal Guru: an all-in-one platform that analyses individual customers to create automated bespoke loyalty programs

Helping clients achieve fivefold increases in ROI of their loyalty campaigns, doubling the basket size from their loyalty program members, increasing average order value by 24% in addition to personalising over 200 million offers every month on their behalf. These are just some of the ways in which Loyal Guru is helping clients improve their marketing operations.

With such staunch supporters as Mango, Decathlon, Spar, and Dia, to name a few, Loyal Guru is fast becoming a staple in the retail marketing world. Using their next-gen loyalty initiatives, personalised offers at scale, and advanced retail analytics, Loyal Guru is simplifying the complexities that arise from high volume retail by centralising all relevant data into a single ordered “Source of Truth” enabling clients to retain customers both online, and at point of sale.

What we liked about Loyal Guru

Loyal Guru‘s results speak for themselves, with their platform boasting an impressive 15% retention rate on- and off-line, it’s no wonder they have managed to experience a doubling in growth year-on-year since their inception in 2016. With so much traction, it’s obvious that we would be attracted to them from an investment perspective.

However, more than this, its Loyal Guru’s big picture offering that really excited us. Historically, there haven’t been that many digital transformation themed solutions targeted specifically to the retail industry. So above all, it was this capacity to evolve the retail industry’s modus operandi with respect to boosting performance and growing across all their channels that made Loyal Guru such an enticing opportunity we just couldn’t get away from.

What we liked about Borja and Javi

There is a common misperception that VC’s are cold and calculating when evaluating the financial worth of an idea. This could not be further from the truth, in fact, we don’t really invest in ideas, we invest in people. And when you encounter founders such as Borja and Javi, you know you’ve hit the jackpot.

Their acute understanding of industry problems and their creative approach to solution generation was just the appetiser for us at Nauta. Beyond this, it was their passion and incredible work ethic with respect to realising their vision to empower retailers though digital transformation of their marketing operations.

Having built up their team to over 80 smart and talented individuals across ten countries, Borja and Javi have perfectly reflected our own views here at Nauta on diversity and above all, culture. One of creativity, hard work, and of commitment to excellence.

What Loyal Guru thinks about us

When asked to comment on his thoughts towards Nauta, Founder and CEO of Loyal Guru Borja Sanfeliu had this to say:

"Nauta’s incredible alignment with our business and their incomparable expertise and steadfast support is crucial as we continue to help retailers around the world amp up their growth.”

What the industry thinks about Loyal Guru

With so many accolades, is goes without saying that Loyal Guru is received with overwhelming positivity in the wider industry, with many who recognise their pioneering efforts in transforming the retail landscape in preparation for the digital era.

Beyond having been recently recognised by CB Insights as one of the top 100 promising global retail tech companies, Borja Sanfeliu, founder and CEO at Loyal Guru, was honoured in Spain’s IESE 40under40 distinguished list of visionary founders. An achievement that reflects not only his personal quality as an entrepreneur, but the value of the vessel that has carried him here, the value of Loyal Guru.