Introducing ifeel: an emotional well-being platform that offers personalised therapy solutions and support through a convenient digital interface

Back in 2017, a trio of visionary individuals - Amir Kaplan (CEO), Martin Villanueva (COO) and Gabriele Murrone - embarked on a transformative journey to create ifeel. With the shared desire to make mental health care more accessible, they laid the foundation for what would become ifeel, a platform pioneering the path towards reshaping the landscape of mental health services through innovative digital solutions.

Ifeel's core mission centres around digitally expanding therapy access. It achieves this by integrating its AI-driven exclusive platform with licensed psychologists’ clinical expertise, offering users a fresh approach to managing their emotional well-being. From self-care to interactive therapy sessions, users receive individualised guidance from a variety of sources, including articles, emotion diaries, audio guides, relaxation techniques, meditation assistance, and direct interactions with professional psychologists.

On the flip side of this, HR managers have access to anonymous meta data that helps them better understand the problems they should be tacking within their organisations, thereby elevating both the weight placed on mental well-being, as well as their capacity to make effective policy changes to that end. This distinctive multifaceted approach derives synergies from HR driven organisational change with individual growth and support to champion the ultimate goal of improving mental well-being across the globe.

ifeel stands as a leading emotional well-being service, partnering with corporations to offer an annual support plan that integrates prevention, monitoring, and individual exercises with specialised therapists. By taking a comprehensive approach that works in multiple languages, ifeel is maximising user engagement and retention with an impressive 90% of users reporting improved emotional and mental well-being as a result of their experience with the service.

What we liked about ifeel

ifeel sets itself apart from its competitors with its comprehensive approach to well-being that encapsulates both proactive and responsive measures. This strategy that manifests itself though a range of complex well-being tools, chatbots, and personalised one-to-one video therapy give ifeel a truly defensible and unique offering in the mental health ecosystem.

Overall, ifeel is keenly aware of the problem, and even more thorough in its desire to provide actionable solutions that contribute to their founders' mission of reshaping the emotional well-being industry for the better. Overall, their forward thinking approach is not only innovative but severely needed, and we are very proud to be able to stand behind this team of incredible people as they change the world.

What we liked about Amir, Martin, and Gabriele

Good things often come in pairs, but every now and then, the world reminds us why three is known as a magic number. The ifeel trio of Amir, Martin, and Gabriele are a refreshing reminder that the VC world doesn't invest in ideas or technologies, but talented people.

Their collective enthusiasm for driving change and addressing the challenges of receiving mental health care, a fundamental concern for all of us, is truly needed in todays conflict ridden world. Furthermore, their personal experiences and observations that have served as the basis for the development of ifeel demonstrate their sincere commitment to changing the well-being landscape for the better.

What ifeel thinks about us

When asked to comment on their thoughts towards Nauta, ifeel’s three co-founders had this to say:

"Nauta has been an incredible partner on our journey to transform the emotional well-being landscape. Their recognition of the potential impact of our platform, combined with their strategic guidance, has accelerated our growth and reach.”

What the industry thinks about ifeel

ifeel's unique plarform, bridging the gap between prevention and intervention, has set a new standard in how individuals manage their emotional well-being, offering a holistic range of self-care techniques and guided therapeutic approaches. Its impact is evident through its rapid growth, extensive user base and partnerships with renowned organisations. The mounting interest exhibited by businesses and insurers in integrating ifeel’s solution into their operations on a regular basis underscores its significance.