Mytraffic acquires the Spanish location management platform Geoblink to become European leader.

[Madrid/Paris, 9th of January 2024] – The Spanish startup Geoblink and the French startup Mytraffic, distinguished leaders in traffic analytics and geospatial intelligence, have formally merged to establish a preeminent force in the location intelligence sector. This strategic collaboration signifies a pivotal moment in redefining the landscape of advanced location insights across the European market.

Under a unified leadership, Mytraffic and Geoblink are committed to delivering unparalleled location intelligence solutions, solidifying their position as Europe's foremost provider in this transformative field. Since its creation in 2015 in Madrid, Geoblink has established itself as a technology and innovation leader in location analytics in Spain and across Europe, helping more than 100 leading retailers, real estate, and consumer goods companies.  The merger seamlessly integrates Geoblink's cutting-edge geospatial technology with Mytraffic's robust analytics platform, creating a comprehensive suite of solutions that surpass traditional offerings.

Hakim Saadaoui, Co-Founder and CEO of Myraffic shared "We are proud to announce the formation of Europe's premier location intelligence platform through the strategic acquisition of Geoblink by Mytraffic. This first acquisition marks a major turning point in our history, enabling us to become an undisputed leader in Europe, while maintaining our capacity to be at the forefront of innovation in this sector".

"We are very happy to be writing a new chapter alongside Mytraffic" stated Jaime Laulhé, Founder and CEO of Geoblink. "Our shared vision is to set new standards in innovation, offering clients advanced location insights that drive success across the European business landscape."

The newly merged entity will be the go-to partner for businesses and public entities seeking state-of-the-art location intelligence solutions. Existing Mytraffic and Geoblink clients and partners can expect a seamless transition, accompanied by an unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in location intelligence services.

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About MyTraffic:

Mytraffic is a leading provider of location intelligence and traffic analytics solutions. Focused on innovation, Mytraffic empowers businesses to make informed decisions by harnessing the power of geospatial data in France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Germany, UK, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Mytraffic closed a €30 Million Series B funding in September 2022 with AXA Venture Partners (AVP). For more information, visit

About Geoblink:

Geoblink is a geospatial intelligence platform that enables businesses to make data-driven decisions through actionable location insights. Renowned for its innovative approach, Geoblink, backed by Nauta Capital and Elaia Partners, has become a trusted partner for companies seeking to optimise strategies based on geospatial data. For more information, visit