airfocus raises $7.5M to transform enterprise product management globally

  • Enterprise product management redefined: airfocus offers unmatched flexibility to tackle key challenges in roadmapping, prioritization, and OKR alignment. 
  • Global adoption: Over 800 leading companies including Caterpillar, The Washington Post, and Orange trust airfocus for their product management needs. 
  • Pioneering the Product Operating System: The funding accelerates airfocus' vision of a future where every enterprise thrives on a unified Product OS to build the right products faster.

Hamburg, Germany Dec X, 2023
Hamburg-based startup airfocus, a leading product management software, has successfully closed a $7.5M fundraising round led by Newion with the participation of XAnge, Nauta, Riverside Acceleration Capital, and Picea Capital. The investment brings airfocus’ total funding close to $15M and will support its global expansion in the multi-billion dollar market of product management software. 

A Unique Solution for Complex Product Challenges

As the world’s 1st modular product management tool, airfocus addresses core enterprise challenges like roadmapping, prioritization, customer insights, and OKR alignment with unmatched flexibility. Already trusted by over 800 businesses worldwide, including Caterpillar, The Washington Post, and Orange, airfocus is setting a new standard in a market that strives for innovation and efficiency.

Newion: A New Strategic Partner

Mathijs de Wit, partner at Newion, highlights the investment’s significance:

“airfocus’ flexibility-first approach is indispensable for enterprises navigating digital transformation. This is more than funding; it's about empowering organizations to evolve and scale.”

Malte Scholz, co-founder and CEO of airfocus, shares his vision: 

“This funding is pivotal. We’re not just developing software; we’re crafting
a unified Product Operating System. Our AI-assisted platform will transform how product managers work. Decision-making becomes more efficient and impactful supported by a single source of product truth.”

"We admire and resonate with Newion's dedication to long-term growth," said Malte. "This funding empowers us to redefine product management standards, expand our technological capabilities, enhance market outreach, and attract top industry talent."

Newion has joined existing investors Nauta Capital, XAnge, Picea Capital, About Riverside Acceleration Capital, Klaus Schlumpberger, Christian Heimerl, Paul Schwarzenholz, and Björn Kolbmüller, encouraged by airfocus' outstanding progress and growth. 

Beyond Spreadsheets: Envisioning A Unified Product Operating System

Nowadays, every company is a tech company, with software as the backbone of all operations and services. To survive, businesses must undergo digital transformation, making software integration crucial for efficiency and competitiveness.

Building and maintaining large software portfolios across various teams has become a key challenge. To address this, product management has emerged as the preferred approach for aligning portfolios and teams with a unified vision and strategy. This is essential for meeting customer needs effectively. 

Gartner reports that 80% of organizations are now adopting this model. However, the reality of overseeing multiple products and teams often leads to issues like poor decision-making, unclear roadmaps, and missed deadlines. These problems result in lost revenue, wasted IT resources, and decreased efficiency.

In fact, 70% of all shipped features have little to no positive impact on organizations. (Pendo, Standish, Gartner, BCG source)

airfocus addresses these challenges head-on. As an end-to-end product management platform, it enables teams to swiftly and accurately deliver on their goals, leveraging tools and AI for OKRs, roadmaps, and customer insights. 

Integrated seamlessly with Jira and other popular tools, airfocus acts as a single source of truth for the entire product organization, akin to what CRMs are for sales teams.

“Sales teams have CRMs, developers have Git, and yet product managers are often left juggling multiple spreadsheets and scattered tools but are still expected to deliver impactful results,” Malte Scholz, co-founder and CEO of airfocus added.

Empowering Global Product Teams

airfocus is recognized by product teams worldwide for its transformative impact. Craig Unsworth, Chief Product Officer at Papirfly, shares: “In an ambitious year-long journey to unify 32 products and over 300 services, Papirfly delivered two to three years’ work in just 12 months. The power of airfocus was a crucial tool to the success of this project, providing clarity for everyone around our product vision and product strategy, which was needed to navigate this complex transformation.”