Jordi Viñas

General Partner

Jordi was a founding partner of Cluster Consulting in 1993 and in 2000 became VP of DiamondCluster International for South Europe, as well as a member of the Worldwide Operating Committee. He has provided advice to telecommunications companies for over 15 years.

Before 1993, Jordi worked as a telecoms consultant both for Gemini Consulting and The Monitor Company.

As an investor for the last few years, Jordi has been involved in the areas of communications infrastructure, telco-focused enterprise software, mobile commerce, advertising technology and digital media. Jordi has led investment projects in the US, UK, Ireland, and Spain.

Jordi holds a degree in Business Sciences, an MBA from ESADE, and a degree in Law from the University of Barcelona.

Jordi currently serves on the Investment Committee of Spinnaker, a VC fund that specialises in the media sector.

Led deals on the following:

Marfeel, ABA English, ForceManger, geoblink, Nextail, Onna, hosco, Landbot, Smart Protection, emjoy, Cledara, ifeel, Weecover, Querylayer, Loyal Guru, Stockagile