Technology to help create a diverse and inclusive start-up

Founders are what we colloquially call “wearers of many hats.” They are the leaders that switch from sales, customer support, human resources, and operations person all in one day. If they simultaneously want to attract a diverse talent pool, make sure their policies are inclusive, engage employees as the company grows and measure their diversity KPIs, they may need a little help.This is where DiversityTech comes in.

What is DiversityTech? Technology that provides insights, alters processes or practices, at the individual or organisational level in support of an organisation's effort to become more diverse and inclusive.We identified four categories where DiversityTech comes to play. Within each category tech can play a pivotal role in addressing challenges, biases, and blind spots - ultimately helping entrepreneurs to create a culture rooted in diversity and inclusion.

Source: Red Thread Research, World Economic Forum.

We then did a little digging and chose our top picks for start-ups in those categories:


  • Wittyworks helps screen job ads for unconscious biases before publishing them online. (Best of all, it’s free for small start-ups.) RESULT: Inclusive language that appeals to a wider candidate pool.
  • Test Gorilla offers pre-employment screening to identify the best candidates and make hiring decisions faster, easier, and bias-free. RESULT: The focus becomes the candidate’s ability to do the job.

Career Advancement & Development

  • Culture Amp enables ongoing conversations with anytime feedback, development-focused reviews, and better 1‑on‑1. RESULT: Objective performance evaluations.
  • Landit is a one-size-fits-one career pathing platform, which aims to increase the success of women and diverse groups in the workplace. RESULT: Individualised and personalised development plans.
  • Equal Reality teaches empathy, awareness and inclusion in an organisation with immersive learning and virtual reality training in the Metaverse. RESULT: A more effective way of changing behaviours and attitudes to embrace diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Employee Engagement, Wellbeing & Rewards

  • Balloon enables companies to collaborate virtually while avoiding the dreaded groupthink. RESULT: More productive, innovative, informed, and inclusive teams, and less time spent in meetings!
  • Equal Time makes sure all the voices in the meeting are heard. Empowering employees and managers to become more self-aware and welcoming. RESULTS: Provides employees with a safe space to voice their ideas, fostering innovation.
  • Pihr helps identify, and resolve pay gaps and ensure fair compensation for employees within a company. RESULT: Equal pay for employees.
  • ifeel* supports the emotional well-being of employees by giving them access to the support they need 24/7. RESULT: Employees feel like their wellbeing is a priority.

Diversity Analytics & Reporting

  • Culture Amp, which is mentioned above, also helps measure how a company is tracking in terms of culture and diversity KPIs. RESULT: Founders are able to see whether they are delivering on their goals.
  • Visier takes tracking a step further by allowing revealing the human truth and empowering founders to solve critical people challenges. RESULT: Simple solutions that create a happier work force and reduce attrition.
  • Metta Space is a digital reporting tool for misconduct. It’s simple and friendlier than old-school forms. RESULT: Fosters trust and confidence in the company.

This list is not exhaustive and showcases some examples of tools that can help foster diversity and inclusion in a workplace. Here is a broader snapshot:

For more on our why diversity and inclusion is important for any start up check out our previous articles on planning for a diverse and inclusive 2023 and a holistic approach to diversity and inclusion.

*ifeel is one of Nauta Capital’s portfolio companies and is better suited for companies with 50+ employees.