Empowering Innovation and Women in Business

In honour of International Women’s Day, we are taking a moment to celebrate the voices and accomplishments of women at Nauta Capital. Women have been breaking barriers and challenging gender norms in various industries, including venture capital (VC). While the VC industry is predominantly male, women are now taking on this sector and making strides towards a more equitable industry. “Women contribute a distinctive and valuable perspective to every decision; therefore, we shouldn’t be afraid to tear down boundaries in an industry that is still mostly driven by men,” states Augustina Nieto, Legal & Tax Controller, Nauta Capital.  

In Europe, women make up about 20% of investment professionals working in private equity and VC with that number dropping to 10% at the senior level. The country with the greatest proportion of senior female investment professionals is Ireland (28%), followed by France and Spain with respective percentages of 15 and 13. At Nauta, we are proud that 70% of our incoming analysts are diverse, and that 45% of our full-time employees are female. “Coming from another traditionally, male-dominated industry, I was pleasantly surprised to not only see how diverse the VC community is becoming but the support for women within the ecosystem to grow and thrive,” adds Claudia Urquiola, Head of Marketing & Communications, Nauta Capital.

Making a difference in the world we live in and for future generations is extremely important to everyone at Nauta, which is one of the common threads among the three pan-European offices. We believe that the VC industry provides a unique opportunity to participate in the value creation process and empower entrepreneurs in their quest for a brighter future. We do this by supporting portfolio companies with diversity & inclusion, promoting diverse teams, and developing compliance and governance frameworks. Our role is to offer not only financial backing but also guidance and resources to start-ups and entrepreneurs who are ready to leave their imprint on the world. Further, the entrepreneurs of various start-ups frequently go on an intriguing and extraordinary journey to ‘create something from nothing’; this hope, along with a lot of grit and drive to construct an optimistic future, puts us on the verge of improving every day.  

At Nauta, we are consistently challenged, keeping us motivated and providing us with a wealth of learning opportunities. Laura Homedes, M&A Finance Associate, Nauta Capital, highlights, “Working in a VC is also an excellent way to understand how investors think and what they look for if you plan on becoming an entrepreneur in the future.”  We are surrounded by inspiring individuals and are a witness to their journey. The best part is that a career in VC still allows for a work-life balance.

Any of the women who work at Nauta will tell you about their different pathways and inspirations that led them to a career in VC. However, the common thread is clear: the passion for what they do, their perseverance, and their capacity. It is what defines their success in their careers. If VC as a career inspires you, take the advice of these women and get involved in any way you can. Whether as an intern, angel investor, or employee in a start-up, the pathway to VC is diverse. “The industry should also take the responsibility of spending more time educating new graduates and early career professionals about the potential career trajectory,” suggests Pratima Aiyagari, Partner, Nauta Capital. This industry needs women to bring their perspective, skills, and passion to transform industries and create a better future for all.

This International Women’s Day, let us celebrate the inspiring women who are breaking the glass ceiling and paving the way for future generations of women. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained!” claims Pratima Aiyagari, Partner, Nauta Capital.